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Know-How + No Barriers
Access to financial experts anytime you need. Our team is local and empowered to work quickly to help you solve problems and build financial security.

Innovation + Attention
Our mobile and online tools might surprise you. You can monitor your credit score and simulate how changes may affect it, ask Alexa to tell you your balance, and connect your accounts to your Smart Watch. Need one-on-one attention in addition to these great tools? We’re here for that too.

Your better state is tools + trust. It’s expertise + ease. It’s lending power for and from real people.

Find your better state through:

Financial Tools

Account Aggregation

See all of your accounts, credit cards and more in one spot for easy tracking of ongoing balances.

Credit Monitoring and Simulator

View your credit score and get tips on how to improve it. Use the credit score simulator to see how additional loans might affect your score!

Digital Receipt Storage

Track and save receipts conveniently to help you budget. Auto categorizing and search capability makes this a great financial tool.

Money Management

This budgeting tool categorizes your transactions, allowing you to simplify your finances and easily view your spending. Set and manage your budget, keeping you on track!

Smart Watch and Voice Banking

Ask Alexa to tell you your balance and connect your accounts to your Smart Watch so you always know your balance, can find the nearest branch hands free, and more.

Download our app in The App Store or Google Play Store to get started.

Financial Education

Wondering if now is the right time to refinance your home? Time to learn more about student loans or retirement planning? The State Bank has partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide comprehensive financial counseling, financial education, and money management tools to our customers. GreenPath, founded in 1961, is a national non-profit whose mission is to empower people to lead financially healthy lives. Simply click through the topic of your choice below to gain the education –and confidence – you need to make the right financial decisions. 

Webinars, worksheets, and much more!

Face-to-Face Expert Guidance

No matter how many financial tools and education resources that are available to you, sometimes it’s nice to chat with an expert. Whatever questions you have, we promise to listen, offering you financial advice that you can trust.

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