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Whether you are a first-time home buyer, looking for a unique mortgage solution, or just aren’t sure where to start, our mortgage lenders are here to help you with the resources and personal support you need.

Help! I’m a first-time homebuyer.

We know mortgages for first-time home buyers can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’re here to walk alongside you and make this process easy!

Many times, the first step is to determine how much you can afford. If you are wondering, our calculator tool can make that easy for you. Click here to access our mortgage calculator tool here.

A pre-approval letter is also a great tool as it shows buyers you are serious, and also confirms with your lender how much you can afford. Reach out to one of our lenders to start the process of a pre-approval letter. It’s easy and quick and is a great first step to your house-hunting process.


I’m ready to apply – what documents do I need?

Here is a list of documents you and your co-borrowers may need to complete your mortgage application. Additional documents may also be needed later in the process.
Please make sure that you provide the following on the application:

If you are listing the following income on your application, use the list below it to determine what documents you need.

Paystub/W2 (base income only)

Borrowers Using Over-Time, Commission or Bonus Income to Qualify


Rental income

Retirement income


I am building a home. What are my mortgage options?

If you’re building a home, the mortgage process may look a little different than buying a home that is complete. Construction loans can help you finance land, materials, even labor so you can fund your home-build. The State Bank provides a one-time close construction loan that provides interest only payments for 12 months and then the loan converts automatically to principal and interest payments for the remaining term of the loan.  There is no need to refinance once construction of your new home is complete.

The State Bank also provides Vacant Land financing for borrowers that want to purchase their land prior to starting construction on their new home.

The right construction loan for you depends on many things including your budget, timeline and your plans for the home once it’s complete. As with all of our mortgage services, we’re here to help you find the perfect solution. Reach out to a lender to chat more about your construction loan options.


I am already a mortgage customer. How do I contact someone for assistance?

If you are a current mortgage customer and have questions, please email or call (810) 616-7887.


Mortgage Glossary

HOA? FICO? PITI and PUD? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand and to simplify the process for you. We’ve compiled a glossary of common mortgage and financial terms you may come across.


Home Equity Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a home equity line of credit (HELOC), or a fixed-rate loan, The State Bank will guide you through the decision making process to ensure that using your home’s equity is the right choice for you.


Should you refinance? Should you rent or buy? Get help with our full suite of online calculators!



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