Remote Deposit Capture

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Remote Deposit Capture

Simplify the business of depositing funds with Remote Deposit Capture from The State Bank. When you deposit checks electronically you save time, increase accuracy, reduce processing costs, and increase profits for your business.

Remote Deposit Allows You To:

Stay at the Office

Submit deposits using a scanner, software, your PC and the Internet without leaving the office.

Bank Anytime

Deposit checks on your schedule—when it’s convenient for you. Deposit anytime, multiple times per day, to one or more accounts.

Accessible Earlier

Make deposits before 7pm and they'll be available in your account the next business morning.


Feel free to reach out to our Treasury Management representatives at 810.714.7607.


To get more information about Remote Deposit Capture watch the video tutorial, contact us, or stop in to one of our local branches.

Check Scanner Driver Software

Our team can help provide support and information on the newest scanner software:


Reach out to our Treasury Management representatives at 810.714.7607.


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The State Bank is proud to be a Preferred Small Business Administration (SBA) lender. Our small business experts can provide customized lending solutions to fit your business needs.

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