Our Why

Together, let’s find your better state.

The business of community banking has remained fairly unchanged for decades—maybe even longer. But at The State Bank, we’re ready to do things differently; and we want to help you see things differently.

Our Why

We believe in the potential of banking for good – to create better lives, better businesses and better communities.

Ask yourself these questions: What if you didn’t have to wait for things to be just right to get the life you want? What if you could start making it happen right now? And what if your bank could help you see that it’s possible?

At The State Bank, our business is to grow and protect your money. But our passion is something much deeper—it’s to help you reach your better state. Through a relentless commitment to the families, businesses, and communities we serve, together we can help you find your better state.

Connect with us to discuss your financial goals and dreams for the life you want.

About Us

Our vision is to become a community bank known for helping our customers look past obstacles or limiting perspectives to see what’s possible.


At The State Bank we believe in purposeful action to create better communities. We are actively engaged in developing, strengthening, and energizing the communities that we live in.


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