Building Better Communities

The State Bank Trail will be a permanent reminder of our commitment to put the good back in banking by being actively engaged in developing, strengthening, and energizing the communities that we live in. Our goal is to support our communities by making them great places to live, work, raise families, and own thriving small businesses.

Building Better Careers

The State Bank is dedicated to providing a superior banking experience – and that’s possible because of our people. We know that our team is what makes us better, and our strong company culture is evident in every branch, every day. Just as we believe in delivering high levels of customer service, we also believe in providing the resources, benefits, and environment that make our employees happy to come to work every day.

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Make Saving Automatic

Building your savings has never been easier! By linking your Kasasa Checking account to a Kasasa Saver your rewards are transferred automatically and your savings add up even faster.


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